• Rescued Kids

    • At Rescued,we have an awesome time learning about Jesus and relating biblical truth through age appropriate curriculum. We have an experienced group of childcare providers who are ready to engage your children with the Gospel as you enjoy the adult worship service.

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    • Sunday Gatherings

    • At Rescued, we believe that much of our spiritual growth is tied to intentional fellowship with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We Meet Sundays at 11am -1pm at Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club | 15 Talbot Avenue Dorchester, MA

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At Rescued, we are fulfilling the mission of the Gospel.....

through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. We want Jesus to be clearly seen and glorified in our corporate worship, Bible teaching and weekly small group gatherings. We have been commissioned by Christ to be “witnesses” of His unending love and grace in the Boston area.
Jesus Centeredness
  • Jesus Centeredness

  • We follow Jesus over tradition and even the “popular” ideas of our day. We want Him to be in charge because the Church belongs to Him. “Remain in Me and I’ll remain in you…” ~ Jesus    

  • Community

  • Intentional community is what we do! The first century church lived like a family in community with one another. It is our aim to do the same. “Love one another….” ~Jesus

  • Missional

  • “GO” is one of Jesus’ favorite words! Engaging our culture and the people living in it with the Gospel is our joy. “Go make disciples of all nations……” ~ Jesus